Description of how to manage and select the available base maps map layers.

In general
You can navigate to the list of maps and map layers by opening the left side panel of the app.

A map is activated by clicking on a row, whereupon the map is highlighted green. To access more detailed information and features related to the map, click the three vertical dots 

Different projections
Since some om the map layers that we want to offer can not be combined with Merkator maps,  some of the base maps are also available as UTM maps.

Although the same map is available for both map projections , they are stored and administered separately .

Base maps 
Base maps can be chosen from the list BASE MAPS . The type of base map (Merkator or UTM) decides which map layers are available.

We have the following base maps:

  • Topographical color
  • Topographical grayscale
  • Raster
  • Sea map
  • Mountain bike (Open street map)

By clicking on the  DELETE STORED MAPS, you will free the space that the maps occupy on the internal storage.

Map layers
Map layers can be chosen from the list MAP LAYERS. If no layer is wanted, you click on the row marke None at the top of the list.

Layers that require Mercator maps

  • UTM grid
  • Sea depth
  • Pistes
  • Avalanche awareness
  • Clay (subscription)
  • Conservation area (subscription)
  • Orienteering (subscription)

Layers that requires UTM maps

  • Snow depth (subscription)
  • Fresh snow yesterday (subscription)
  • FResh snow last week (subscription)

By clicking on the  DELETE STORED MAPS, you will free the space that the map layers occupy on the internal storage.


Legends for the activated map and map layer can be seen in the list LEGENDS.

Details for map and layers

Is opened by clicking on the three vertical dots  on the right side of the map row.

Here one can see a detailed description of the map and a legend if one is present.

In order to download maps for a given area. one can click on the PRELOAD FOR AREA button. See further description of offline maps here.

Internal storage space that the given map occupy, can be freed by clicking on the DELETE STORED MAPS button.