How to download trip destinations from and checkin from app.


The premium subscription allows the user to connect to and download many exciting trip destinations. TellTur is an electronic reservation system for mailbox exercise. Compete with yourself or with other hikers to visit the most trip destinations.

With the help of Norgeskart Outdoors you can check in from your mobile phone when you have arrived at the destination or later when you are within mobile coverage again (within 24 hours). The app checks that you have been within 50 meters of the destination before it allows you to check in.

TellTur does not cover all of Norway yet. So please check to see if there are any content in your area before buying a subscription

How to get started

First you must register as a TellTur user by visiting Then buy a subscription to Norgeskart Outdoors by opening the TellTur list.

  1. Open left side panel and select TellTur.
  2. Click the Subscribe button and confirm purchase.


  1. Open left side panel and select More features.
  2. Click on SUBSCRIBE NOW and confirm purchase
  3. Open left side panel and proceed to TellTur.

You will now get the opportunity to log in to TellTur with your registered TellTur user as shown below.

Once you have logged in, the app will automatically download all trip destinations from The trip destinations will then be available regardless of mobile coverage. Once the download is completed, you will see a list of all destinations. If you select a destination, a detailed description of the destination will be displayed (all description are only in Norwegian).

By pressing the … next to the individual destinations in the list, you will open a menu with the following functions:

  • Open details – opens a detailed description of the destination
  • Go to – go to the destination in the map
  • Directions to here – displays a calculated driving directions to destinations that are close to a road. In addition some destinations has recommended route which is displayed when the destination is selected in the map.
  • Navigate to – displays a line and direction arrow directly towards the destination.

In the detailed description for the destination you will get information about the length of the trip, the number of altitude meters and points you get to visit the destination. Some destinations also have a start date and end date defining the periods when the destination can be registered.

Filter list

You can open a filter dialog by clicking on   on the menu line. One can filter based on difficulties and type of destination. Press Filter when you have set the wanted filters. Both the content in the map and in the list is then filtered.

Sort list

You can sort the list based on distance to center of map and based on distance to GPS-location by clicking on  on the menu line.

Refresh list of trip destinations

In order to download an updated list of available trip destinations, press   on the  menu line. The app will then download all trip destinations again.

Family members

You can open the list of registered family members by selecting   on the menu line. You will then see a list of registered family members and can select the ones to be checked in when a destination is reached. The list of family members can also be opened from the check in dialog by selecting “Change” (appears next to a listing of family members which will be checked in).

Route to the trip destination in the map

Destinations where a route has been specified, will display a route in the map when the user selects the destination. The route is displayed until another destination is selected or it is tuned off from the destination menu by selecting “Hide route”. The route itself is downloaded when the destination is selected the first time. Internet connection is therefore needed. Once the route has been downloaded, it will be available for offline use.

Register visited destinations

Norgekart Outdoors automatically checks if the user is within 50 meters of a trip destination. If a user is within 50 meters, a check-in dialog opens that allows the user to register that the trip destination has been visited.

If the list of family members to be registered is not correct, one can press “Change”. A dialog where one can select desired family members is then displayed.

When one is ready to check in, just click on the Check In button.

If the check-in fails due to lack of mobile coverage, one can check in again within 24 hours using the Check in menu item. This menu item can be found both in the dialog that appears when selecting something in the map and in the list of destinations.