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Privacy policy

Last updated: march 29, 2022

Privacy is important to us and we are committed to taking care of the information you store and create by using the Norgeskart Outdoors solution and ensure privacy, accessibility and confidentiality.

This statement tells you about what information we collect and the purpose of this, how this information is used and what rights you have.

Responsibility and contact

Ture Apps AS owns and operates the Norgeskart Outdoors solution. This includes the Norgeskart Outdoors app and the map portal We, by the CEO, have the responsibility for handling your personal information when you visit or use our services.

The information is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Act.

You can contact us by email to, or send a letter to Ture Apps AS, Grindbakkveien 15, 3530 Røyse, Norway, if you have questions or comments about this statement or how we process personal information.

Obs: Ture Apps AS has also integrated Norgeskart Outdoors with the TellTur solution from The Norwegian Outdoor Board. TellTur is an electronic registration system for mailbox exercise with its own web site and user accounts. If you register for a TelTur user account, you should also read the privacy policy of TellTur.

Personal information

In the Norgeskart Outdoors solution from Ture Apps AS we handle the following personal information:


Your name can be added or changed in the map portal

We use the name to enable us to identify you, for example, when you contact us and use a different email address than the one you have registered in the solution.

E-mail address

The Norgeskort Outdoors solution uses your email address to log in. The email address must be a valid email address.

We may use the email address to send you information when necessary or strictly relevant to your use of Norgeskart Outdoors.


In the map portal, as well as the Norgeskart Outdoors app for iOS, you must set a password to log in.


Some of the main features of Norgeskart Outdoors is to show you your location on a map and to record tracks. The location is only used locally and we do not share your location with anyone.

You have the ability to center the map on your location, turn on track log (record where you move) and register points, lines or polygons you may want. These are initially stored on your mobile device only.

You can choose whether you want to upload track logs and registered points, lines and polygons to the map portal. These will then be stored in our systems, associated with your user. The data you have uploaded is made available to you in the map portal, as well as for later download to your mobile devices.

Google analytics

The Norgeskart Outdoors apps and the map portal do not use Google Analytics.

Payment information

If you purchase a subscription for Norgeskart Outdoors, this purchase will be done through the app stores. All payment information is handled by the stores and is not available to us. We only get transaction information, as well as information that an email address has purchased subscription for a year from a given date. A reference to the transaction is stored in the map portal associated with your user.

Cookies and locally stored data

The map portal uses like most other websites cookies and locally stored data. This is text that is added to your browser’s internal memory when visiting or interacting with a website.

Cookies and locally stored data from us are necessary to provide you with a good user experience.

Personal information about minors

Norgeskart Outdoors does not collect information about age and does not consciously process information about children under the age of 15.

In order to register for a TellTur user account through Norgeskart Outdoors you must be at least 15 years old. Read privacy policy of TellTur for more details about personal information in TellTur.

Electronic marketing / information

We do not use profiling as a method of marketing our services. All information about new products and services from us is provided to you solely on the basis that you use the Norgeskart Outdoors solution.

As long as you have an active customer relationship with us, that is, using our products and services, we will be able to send you information by email that is strictly relevant to the use of these products and services.

Access to the information

To ensure that the processing of information with us is done safely, only employees in Ture Apps AS and our provider Asplan Viak AS (IT services) have access to the information you provide us. Access to information is ensured with access control mechanisms.

We will not disclose, sell, distribute, rent, license, share or forward information or personal information about you to anyone unless we have an expressly consent from you.

Data processors and transmission of information to foreign countries

Asplan Viak AS has entered into a data processing agreement with anyone who processes personal information on behalf of us. They may not process your personal information in any other way than described in this statement. We do not transfer personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA.

Your rights

You have the right to access your own information (this is available through the Norgeskart Outdoors solution). If your personal information is incorrect, incomplete or there is no access to processing them, you may also request us to correct the information. See contact information initially in this statement.

We do not process and store information about you longer than you may wish. You can delete your user account from the settings in the app when you are logged in. All your registered information and data is then deleted from the server the following night (norwegian time).

If you believe we treat personal information in violation of laws and regulations, you can file a complaint with The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (

Questions or requests for access or deletion can be sent to us, contact information given initially.