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Delete your Norgeskart Outdoors user account?

To delete your user for the Norgeskart Outdoors app, do the following:

  • Press the Delete user button below.
  • Log in with the e-mail and password for your user account in the dialog box that appears
  • You will now be taken to a separate page where you can delete your logged-in user account by selecting “Delete user account”

If you delete your user, your user account and all associated data will be deleted from the server. You will not be able to undo this.

If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to you by visiting the map portal The forgotten password function can be found where you log in,

If you have logged in with a Google account in the app, your user account will have the same email as this one. You must then use the Forgot password as described above to receive the password associated with your account.

Norgeskart outdoors is a feature rich app for hikers wanting the best Norwegian maps. Explore the many maps and themes, and register your own points of interest, trails, and track logs!

Available maps: Cadastre and land registry, radon activity, cross country skiing and snowmobile tracks, snow depth, new snow the last 24 hours, skiing conditions, avalanche hazard warnings, ice safety, quick clay landslides, community recreation trails, nature reserves, state-protected outdoor areas, orienteering, cultural heritage, UTM-grid, depth map for the sea.

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Pro and Pro+

With Pro or Pro+ subscription you will get access to a lot more content and functionality:


  • Additional maps and map layers
  • Store Norwegian sea- and topographical maps for offline use
  • Upload and download your registered data to the map portal
  • Create and measure areas
  • Create tour own categories for POIs, routes, tracks and areas. With own drawing rules.


  • Add your own maps and map layers (WMS and WMTS) which you can find in e.g.
  • Add an URL to a KML file on net which then can be refreshed automatically. Can be used with e.g. TeleSpor or Google My Maps.

Buy subscriptions directly in app.